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Lollipops Peach Flavor with Music- Birthday Girl 16g

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Amos Tasty Sounds is a mixture of technology and candy. These delicious music lollipops not only deliver an explosion of tastes but also come with a sweet surprise – the innovative built-in bone conduction audio technology that plays catchy tunes as you enjoy them. With the preset tracks you can create your one “Silent Disco” or wish someone “Happy Birthday” in a unique way.

How to use

·         Put the candy in the mouth and press the button to turn on the music.

·         Press the button to pause or resume play.

·         40-60 minutes of playtime duration.

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Your customers will buy Tasty Sounds because;


It’s a unique & fun experience: The multi-sensational mix of delicious flavors and sound is mind-blowing! Mouthwatering candy combined with a silent disco effect, is truly an experience that one would not want to miss.

The perfect gift: With preset tracks like “Happy Birthday” or even a personally recorded message this is the gift that anyone would love to give or receive.

For everyone or anytime: With a wide variety of flavors like blueberry, strawberry, and more combined with different preset soundtracks and a recordable variant there is a Tasty Sound Lollipop that matches anyone’s taste., mood, or any occasion.

A healthy choice: Free from sugar, gluten, nuts, and fat it’s a healthier choice to enjoy and fits into any diet. It is a non-cardiogenic product used in a variety of pharmaceutical preparations and confectionery.

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Weight 20 g