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UFC Banana Sauce 320g

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UFC Banana Sauce! Made with real bananas and a special blend of spices, this sauce is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness and flavor to your favorite dishes. Whether you’re dipping, marinating, or basting, UFC Banana Sauce will give your food a unique and delicious twist. Try it as a dipping sauce for your spring rolls, or lumpia, or use it as a marinade for your grilled meats.

You can also use it as a spread for your sandwiches and burgers. The possibilities are endless with banana ketchup! Try UFC Banana Sauce ketchup today and discover why UFC is a household name in the Philippines and Southeast Asia for delicious and high-quality sauces.

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UFC Banana Sauce 320g

Tamis Anghang (Sweet & Spicy).


Delighting Filipino families throughout the years, UFC Banana Catsup is a unique blend of fresh spices and select bananas which provides the Tamis Anghang flavor. UFC Banana Catsup is the number one catsup in the Philippines.


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